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Camp Northfield Update 2/23

Dear Faithful Friends and Supporters of Camp Northfield,

Snow crunched under our feet as my children and I wandered into the woods. Our little adventure was on its way. Little droplets fell from the icicles on tree branches, and the rays of sunshine peeked through the trees as if they were playing hide and seek. In the distance, we could hear the water rushing down the creek bed, and as we approached, the soft noise of the water grew louder. "Are we there yet?" they asked incessantly, not knowing their destination. But, before another plea could leave their lips, we stumbled across what we were looking for. A massive beaver dam! The once small creek that ran through the back property was now doubled in size and home to one of the cutest creatures. All along the shoreline were the remains of the beaver's endeavors. Little stubs of trees that once towered over us, were now reduced to sawdust. As we gazed around the beaver pond, we saw their well protected home and it was not hard to be impressed with the sight! That dam was created with a purpose for that little beaver. The newly founded pond gave him security from predators and a place of rest. How great is our God?!


We have been hard at work, taking advantage of the quiet months here at Camp. Many of you are familiar with our ongoing maintenance garage project and the work that went into saving that section of the building when we demolished the brown house. We are excited to share that going into our 2023 season, that garage will be fully operational. We will now have an excellent, organized location for our tools and a dry place to work on our equipment, even during the winter months.

Our Game Room renovations have been moving along well. The new program office and conference room have been completely framed out and sheet-rocked. We are excited to see this project take shape, and look forward to the finished result! If you would like to contribute by purchasing games, furniture, etc., you can check out our Amazon Wish List for this project. Items purchased off of this list will shipped directly to Camp. Thank you to those who have generously donated their time and materials to get this project to where it is now.


Despite the postponement, we had a fantastic turnout for this year's Arctic Blast. We had over 91 in attendance, making it a great kick-off to our 2023 Season! Pastor Thomas Jackson, Sr. was the guest speaker and did a wonderful job reminding us that we are all created with and for a purpose. God provided enough snow to tube on the hill and have fun with our annual snow sculpting contest. Thank you to those who came out for the day - it really was a blast!


Our annual Pancake Breakfast is coming up on March 11. We look forward to this event each year as an opportunity to breakup the late winter months and fellowship with our supporters! It is also a great opportunity to raise money for exciting projects. Last year, we raised $13,510 during our Pancake Breakfast for our Pool Project! This year, we have a goal of $12,000. The first $3,000 will go towards a new sign for our main entrance. From there the donated funds will be designated towards our general fund, the game room renovations, the completion of a fence on Route 10, and updated power tools and equipment. Unable to make it to the breakfast? No problem! Feel free to make a donation via check or through our website. Please notate your donation by marking "Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser" in the memo line.

If you plan on attending the breakfast in person, please register online for a specific time slot. We will serve a new round of pancakes at 9, 9:30, 10, and 10:30. We hope to comfortably serve as many of our supporters as possible, so it's important to honor the time you signed up for as best as possible!


A few months ago, we presented to our supporters the goal of raising our monthly support by $6,000. Praise the Lord, we are only $3,800 short of this goal! Thank you to those who have signed up for our Dollars-a-Month program and have faithfully given each month! We are thankful for the Lord's supernatural provision and trust Him fully for the months and years to come!


Registration for our 2023 season opens in just a few days on March 1! You will find information for each camping week, including dates, speakers, and pricing on our website. You will also find the dates for all of our upcoming events including Ladies Retreat, the Hilltop Challenge, Men's Retreat and the (new this year) Fall Festival! Come join us this season - we'd love to have you!


We say this often, but we are truly thankful for each and every one of our faithful supporters in this ministry. We have been blessed to get to know many of you on a personal level and we "thank (our) God upon every remembrance of you."

We have been or will be travelling to see many of you this winter season. Please pray with us for continued safety on the roads, for the support for Camp to continue to grow, and for many decisions to be made for Christ!

For Christian Camping,

Tom & Christi Jackson



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