How donations help:

Camp Northfield exists to provide a unique setting for campers to explore the Scriptures, experience the outdoors, and to exhort the church. Our camp presents an opportunity for campers to:

  • Have access to nature and allow disconnection from technology

  • Try new things and take appropriate risks

  • Be involved in a community growth setting

  • Participate in fun physical activity and have reliable access to nutritious meals

  • Be involved in active learning that engages kids’ interests

When you support Camp Northfield, you help us to:

  • Provide suitable facilities and programs to maximize spiritual growth.

  • Reach out to families and grant scholarships. 

  • Meet our mission statement which is to "provide a place where memories are made and lives are changed."

How To Donate

  • Give through the donation portal.

  • Mail checks to 96 Wanamaker Rd. Northfield,  MA 01360


When we postponed the Christmas Banquet, we knew we would be losing the usual income of roughly $4,000. In an effort to off-set this, one of Camp’s supporters has pledged to match donations up to $4,000. Our prayer to reach this challenge has been answer! Because of your gracious giving $8000 has been put towards our COVID RELIEF FUND.


GOAL - $20,000

  • Pool Pump Valve / Cover - $1500 

This project was started last year but needs to be finished. The pool needs to be resealed and painted. The paint has already been purchased, but we are looking to install a valve on the pump so that we can hold water in the pool during the off season. This will protect against leaks, leading to fewer repairs every year. Keeping water in the pool necessitates the purchase of a winter cover as well.  


  • Line of Credit - $10,540.40

Because of camp’s tight finances over the years there was a line of credit opened. I would love to see camp out of this debt.   


  • Monthly Bills 

A lack of campers doesn’t equal a lack of utilities! There are still bills that need to be paid each month despite the lack of a camping season. 


If you have a desire to help with any of these needs you can give directly through our PayPal donation link below, or mail us a check.


Sending a check will allow you to designate your givings for one of these needs by filling out your check memo.


96 Wanamaker Road
Northfield, MA 01360


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Fax: (413) 498-0276


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