Hand sanitizer, kitchen rags, laundry soap, batteries, copy paper... Camp's shopping list is always long! 

But now there's a way you can help! We have generated a Charity Wish List through Amazon of some of the items Camp is currently in need of. By using this list, you can help us keep track of what and how much is purchased for Camp. Much like a registry, the item will be removed from the list after you complete your purchase. 

Thank you for your generous, giving hearts! 

download (1).png

The simple act of using rather than the more commonly used will help Camp through your own private, everyday purchases. Amazon Smile will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to Camp with no extra cost to you! Camp does not see how much or what you purchase - we simply receive the monies from Amazon.  


 So whether you're purchasing items off Camp's Charity List or items for your own home - you can be a blessing to Camp!