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THe Pool 


Matthew 19:26


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Over 80 years ago, a large concrete swimming pool was installed on the grounds of what later became Camp Northfield. For 61 years, that pool served Camp well, but the time has come for it to be replaced. Over a year ago, we came to you with the plea to raise funds for a new 20’ x 40’ installation. At the time, we did not know how or when we would be able to break ground or even purchase a pool. 


But God… 


A few weeks ago, a supporter brought to our attention the availability of a pool from a small, local company - Clearwater Pool & Spa of Keene, Inc. Over the past two years, pool purchases have sky-rocketed as millions of Americans canceled their summer plans and stayed home. Pool companies are sold out of pools and are booked two years out for installations. Because of this, what follows can only be explained as the working hand of our Lord. This pool company had only one pool inexplicably left in stock. The size - 20’ x 40’. The Camp Board acted quickly, and through the generous help of a supporter, Camp was able to lock in this miraculous deal! 


The ‘turn-key’ cost of this project is $70,000. But we know, and have seen proof, that our God is able! This number includes removal of the old pool and fence, the new 20’ x 40’ vinyl pool, the pool installation, a new fence, all plumbing needs, all excavating work, and even removal of the dying hemlocks that damaged our old pool fence. Clearwater Pool & Spa is fully booked for 2022 installations, but they have generously squeezed Camp into their schedule to insure that we will have a working pool in time for our summer season! 

Before you give, please pray. First, thank the Lord for His goodness and provision. And then please pray for these 4 specific things: 1) that all funds will be raised in a timely manner; 2) that all work will be completed safely and efficiently; 3) that all certifications for safe and legal operation will be able to be obtained; and 4) that the Lord provide a lifeguard for this coming season!

4/2022 UPDATE:

Work on the pool has officially begun! The large, over-grown hemlocks that bordered the pool area have been taken down to protect the new pool and fence going in. The old pool has been filled in in preparation for the new installation. Lord-willing, Clearwater will be installing the new pool in the coming weeks! Following the new installation the old fence will be replaced, a new concrete patio will be poured around the pool, and a shower area will be installed. We are humbled and moved at how quickly, the Lord has used you to raise the necessary funds for this project! We were able to send in a cash down payment for the pool, and have nearly enough to see the project completed without going into debt! God is good!

How to Give:

You can give at any time through the link below. If you choose to send a check, please write "Pool Project" in the memo line. Any donations not given through this portal or other-wise designated will be put directly into our General Fund.

All registration money raised from this year's Hilltop Challenge will be going toward this project. Register today to run, walk, skip, or jump and raise money for Camp's pool through your sponsors!

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