What is it?

Virtual Camp is an interactive camp that will be conducted through Youtube or this page.  There will be a list of activities that your camper can do to participate in completing "Camp Quaran-Teen" This camp will be conducted as a do-it-yourself camp, and camp on your time. Simply, start on Monday and participate throughout the week! Be sure to sign up, so your camper can get a commemorative Camp Quaran-Teen sticker.


Each day, your camper will be challenged through different activities as well as through the Word of God. Handouts will be available to print or download through your device. These handouts will have the speaker's message as well as the challenge for that day.


The various activities will also challenge your camper to take a video or photo of what was completed. Use the hashtag #CNCampQuaranteen or tag @campnorthfield on Instagram or Facebook to submit your video or photo. An upload button will also be available on this page of the website.  

What for?

The mission of Camp Northfield is simple: provide spiritual instruction, wholesome activity, and suitable facilities, all of which shall promote the glory of God. Since we cannot have activity on the wonderful property God has given to us, we will bring camp to you! We are calling this "Camp Quaran-Teen!"

Who can participate you may ask. If you have a teenager in your house, an adult that acts like a teenager, or a small child than is going through early pre-teens, this camp is for you! Participants will receive a once in a lifetime sticker that you can show off with pride!

Schedule of events

"Let's Make it" Monday

Do you have what it takes to survive an apocalypse? Make a lean-to in your own backyard and submit a video or photo of you in your survival shelter! Use the hashtag #CNCampQuaranteen or tag us @campnorthfield on Instagram or Facebook. You may also email your submission by clicking below.


Brian Howell is the Youth Pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, NC. His passion for youth is reflected upon his students and now he has the opportunity to minister to you. Follow along as Pastor Brian opens up the Word of God and encourages you today.

Take a Hike Tuesday

Get outside and enjoy nature! Download the Scavenger Hunt list and see if you can find them all!


Bonus points: Use the hashtag #CNCampQuaranteen or tag us @campnorthfield on Instagram or Facebook and pose with some of the items you find!


Jeremy Victory is the Youth and Music Director of First Baptist Church of Wixom, MI. Jeremy’s zeal for the work of God, his passion for quality music, and his heart for youth provide constant encouragement to his own church family and will be to our virtual campers

Workshop wednesday

Remember what camp life was like? Recreate this experience using popsicle sticks, tooth picks, sticks or whatever! Build your cabin, bunks, lodge, or chapel. Best structure wins!

Use the hashtag #CNCampQuaranteen or tag us @campnorthfield on Instagram or Facebook. You may also email your submission by clicking below


Corey Knopf is the Family Pastor of First Baptist Church of Milford, OH. Each week, Pastor Corey has the opportunity to minister families as well as the youth of his church. This session, Corey will encourage your hearts as he opens the Scriptures. 



Who doesn't like to shoot trick shots? Got a ping pong ball, nerf gun, b-ball, football laying around? Set up your own trick shot and see if your idea can score!

Use the hashtag #CNCampQuaranteen or tag us @campnorthfield on Instagram or Facebook and pose with some of the items you find!


Richard Moses is the Assistant Pastor of Open Bible Baptist Church, in Williamstown, N.J. His passion for the ministry and the gospel is evident in his preaching, and we know that your heart will be blessed. 

family fun Friday

Has your family been stuck in quarantine for too long? Let’s see how well you all have been working together! Enter the arena of “Family Feud” as you are challenged this day.

Perhaps, you could break out one of your favorite board games, or even dare to open the box of Monopoly! Whatever you decide, do it as a family! 


Evangelist Sam Wood and his wife Debbie founded Family Fortress Ministries in 1993. Their mission is to challenge people to honestly examine their current relationships with God and family members. Evangelist Wood uses principles from the Word of God to strengthen families, build relationships, and challenge hearts.


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