• Little bit about the New Director

    Jeremy Losier followed the leading of the Lord and was brought on to be the director of Camp Northfield in March 2014. He received his B.A. in Bible from Pensacola Christian College and his Master of Divinity from Pensacola Theological Seminary. Before coming to Camp Northfield, he served as a youth pastor. Jeremy and his wife Tiffany are excited to join the Camp Northfield team and begin working in this great ministry. Jeremy and Tiffany have one son Jeremy Charles Losier Jr. (Charlie).

  • New Director!

    I am sure many of you have wondered what happened with the interview for director that took place on the 22 of February. After some time for thought and prayer the board extended an invitation for directorship to Jeremy Losier, who has since then accept the position!

    Jeremy Losier, his wife Tiffany, and their (16 month old) son Charlie will be moving to camp soon! We can’t wait to see how they will be able to be a blessing to the camp ministry! Please pray for them as they prepare to come to camp and become acquainted with our camp and all that it entails.

    There is a need for funds and help in order to help refresh the directors house, as well as for the expenses to move them to camp.

    We will continue to keep you updated as we move forward with getting to know the new director and his family.

    Please keep in mind that Work Week will be April 21-26.

  • 2014 Schedule

    The 2014 schedule is now up on the website as a pdf for you to download under the forms page. The schedule page has also been updated to show our 2014 schedule. We hope to see you at camp this summer!

  • Camp Financial Update

    Dear friends of Camp Northfield,

    At our last board meeting, our treasurer shared with us some information we felt was important to share with our friends who love and support Camp Northfield. As we continue our search for a new director, we are collecting information that will be shared with our prospective candidates. Camp has been blessed by God in many ways over the years, and we know it is only through your prayers and financial support this ministry has been able to move forward. When you look at the figures we hope you will remember to pray for Camp daily, and, as God leads, after your tithe to your local church, remember Camp in your financial stewardship. Continue reading  Post ID 610